The best things in life are free…or really inexpensive. Hugs, coffee, sea swims, Netflix.

Also, this list of beautiful, free (or costing less than a coffee or fuel to the beach) stuff I have curated for you to help start off your stylish, healthy, organised new year in (free) style.

1. Calendars & planning: Still haven’t bought a calendar? Ever-more gorgeous free printables on Pinterest are up and ready for 2017. For the cost of printing (even cheaper if you go for a still-stylish black and white template) you can get that sorted in less than five minutes.

Here are some gorgeous options you can take to your local Staples, Officeworks or Xerox shop to glam up your wall or desk with some gold foil and brushscript combos.

Or try this stunning black and white minimalist calendar. Styling tip: this would look great on a natural or rose gold clipboard on, or hung above a desk.

For your everyday organisation, there are also a swag of stunning free daily planner printables online. I’m loving this site which offers options based on how you like to plan your day (personally, I’m a top-three priorities gal who likes lots of space for to-dos!).

2. Fitness: Don’t be one of the throng joining the January gym-brigade. There are tonnes of free workouts online which require little or no equipment.

This great list includes some options for all levels. All you need is a small area of space at home – or even outdoors.

If you want to interact with others in a fitness class environment, activewear brand Lululemon offers free classes in stores around the world. Like the Facebook page for the Lulu in your hood and book yourself in and enjoy – free!

3. Quick style refresh: Finally, add some joosh to your home or office to keep yourself inspired with some free wall art. There are piles of stunning prints online – and luckily for us, monochrome is in, so you can print at home on the old B&W printer and still get a pro result. I love these.

Did you like this list? Let me know. What free-but-beautiful ways to style your life have you stumbled upon lately?

Feature Image credit: Foreign Rooftops 

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