It’s 6am – cue the alarm. The calendar reminder on your screen flashes:  ‘Gym/Workout.’

You clamber from the bedcovers, complete with bed-hair bouffant, making a beeline for the kitchen and that oh-so-divine first coffee.

Now it’s time to contemplate your impending workout while scrolling through your insta feed, drinking your brew and coming to terms with being an alive human being who needs to face  putting themselves through something uncomfortable first thing in the morning – most likely before a long day at work.

Might just scroll a little longer, just to you know, get some inspiration. Probably need another coffee too.

I get it, it’s a tough gig to do something hard – like a workout, before heading off to do something else hard – like Monday, for example.

Before you know it, you’re either racing out the door with just enough time for a half-baked gym session (and a whole day at your desk to be frustrated by a lacklustre start).  Or  you may decide it’s too late now anyway, and get back into bed (frustration level= next level ).

You’re not alone. Most of us don’t bound out of bed, fling on a perfectly matched set of activewear and stride out the door with a Keep Cup and a binder of meticulously programmed workouts in tow.

But I have good news, Real People. I have compiled a bunch of techniques I have picked up from my personal morning scrolls through blogs and insta which can help set you up for fitness success;  curated especially to remove those key pre-morning workout pain points:

1 – Make a Simple Plan. And I mean simple. Seven sticky notes, Six workout styles you enjoy and which cover the bases of: strength, hiit, low intensity cardio, hard cardio, active stretching (such as yoga) and a rest day. Pop the sticky notes out on your desk, mirror or any other handy surface. Select one sticky note each morning relating to the workout you’ve decided on, and pop it to one side. Then at the end of the week, put them all back for the next week.  Talk about taking the the stress out of workout selection. 

Here are some apps you can pair with each workout style:

  • Strength: Les Mills BodyPump via their on-demand home workout app
  • Hiit: I luuurve Bodyrock
  • Low intensity cardio: take the pooch for a stroll, or head out for a recovery jog
  • Active stretching: there are endless free yoga apps. offer classes as well as meditation.
  • Hard cardio: try a spin class on the Les Mills app or at your local gym.
  • Rest day: you can go for a gentle stroll if you’re someone who can’t do a full day of hardcore Netflix and chill.

2  – Set an alarm you want to wake up to: pick some super upbeat, motivational beats: Odesza and Avicii do it for me.

3 – Get a gorgeous notebook to keep track of your efforts. Personally, I am not a someone who is interested in recording how many reps at what weight I am doing for which micro body part each session. Using a notebook to record what you’ve done however, does help. It’s super encouraging to look back at all your entries after a few weeks and realise just how much you’ve actually put in. Think simple entries like:

BodyPump class – went up 0.25kg on most sets. Feel a million bucks. 

4 – The Activewear Chest: . You’ve heard the advice “lay it out the night before” a million times. If that just ain’t happening, and you find yourself groping in the dark for a pair of clean tights most morning, may I recommend: The Activewear Chest. Grab an affordable blanket box  from Kmart or Ikea, throw those cute sets all in there together – and Bam, #outfitsorted.

5 – The white sock basket. Yep, 2 feet. 2 matching socks. You think it’d be something any adulting person could master. But we all know that’s not how the world works. My solution: get a stylish, affordable basket. Fill it with white socks from Kmart or Target and pop it next to your activewear chest.

That’s it. Five simple steps – for Real People – to help set you up for a successful weekly fitness schedule.

Now I’d love to hear from you, what are your top tips to help make your weekly workouts happen?

Feature image:  Activeinstyle via FourSixty




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