You’ve done your darndest to smash it at life in 2017, to squeeze every last delicious drop of juice out of every minute of the day, and then… you open your calendar. And it’s mid-year.

I thought, what better time to start a life-changing challenge. Really.

Introducing, the Run Lift Style Weekend Challenge Series.

Designed for using weekends as an opportunity to level-up and stay motivated, these challenges will pair two of my favourite, most life-changing workout styles: hiit, and the great outdoors.

Hiit-style workouts have helped me through every challenge life has thrown – longer than long work hours, renovations, wedding planning and all the other big life stuff that happens in between.  It’s time to start sharing the love in a real, helpful way by popping together some free workout vids that may help others. These workouts are only 15-20 mins long, but are super intense. I have written all about why they are so effective here. Yep, these workouts done regularly and paired with a clean (but balanced) diet, will get you in super shape, quick smart.

But they are also so amazing for your mental wellbeing. There has been a bunch of research about this, but really, you just have to feel it for yourself. The harder you push, the more amazing the sense of peace and wellbeing you’ll bask in afterwards.

As for the benefits of outdoor adventure – take a peruse through some of my previous articles. My passion is clear, and my mission is to share it.

The challenge

Part One is a hiit workout you can do outdoors or indoors, with lots of modification options. For extra inspiration, this one was filmed in a very cute 70s style hotel in Monaco.

The challenge for this weekend is to complete this workout plus adding in Part Two: spend an hour “moving” outdoors – whether that’s taking pup on a beachside promenade, an urban streetscape run… or a long and challenging trail run. Rain, hail or shine.

For this part, pick something that’s outside your comfort zone. I truly believe there’s nothing like getting outside (with the right protective gear and lashings of sunscreen) to really round off your week, take the edge of daily stresses and clean your brain out so you’re super fresh mentally and physically.

Here’s Part One– tell me what you think! Breakdown and modifications below!

Beginner – 1 round, regular exercisers 2-4 rounds, advanced – 5 rounds

*Remember, with all hiit workouts, you need to push to your absolute max effort each minute – no hanging out waiting for that timer to beep. Rep to the last!

1 minute on, 10 seconds rest (use an interval timer or download a free app).

  • jumping tricep dips/ modification – tricep dips, slow
  • squat, crawl forward, standing pike push up/ modification: push up on knees or normal push up, stand up, squat
  • low jacks/ modification: squats
  • lower ab kick ups/ modification: raise legs from floor to ceiling (try without touching the ground)

What did you think? Did you enjoy this, did it help you with a quick workout with some serious kick? Would you like more?

As for Part Two, that’s up to you, please share in the comments below what you did – I’d love to hear!


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