As  I write this it’s mid-September. Cosy-as blanket scarves are being swapped for their bright silken counterparts in the southern hemisphere, while on the top half of the planet, heeled sandals feel that first crunch of orange leaves underfoot – crumbling like gingerbread biscuits making an early appearance.

It’s around this time of year when panic can start setting in.

That feeling that time has run away, and eloped with January’s list of goals.

But when you think about it four months is a third of the year. Even at the beginning over October with 3 months left – that’s  still a quarter of a year. Rather than panic, over the past week I’ve started to think about what a person can actually do with that amount of time.

It’s enough time to write a small business plan, and find a space. And maybe even an investor who believes in your dream.

Or raise a really decent kitty for a charity close to your heart.

It’s enough time to go from couch to 5K … or from 15 to a marathon.

Or write a book.

To complete a full 12 week body transformation in time for Christmas, just in time to rock a dress… or just feel really nice in matching Christmas sweats.

To give notice at your current job and switch to a new one you love more.

Repair a relationship.

Build a brand new friendship.

Plant something that will flower next season. Or a patch of lots of things you can eat.

To plan and host a really cracking party with all your friends – for no reason at all other than you want to see them (and maybe hold yourself accountable for finishing those home projects in time to show off your pad).

To have many outdoor mini adventures – if you have one a week that’s at least 12 beautiful memories to last forever.

Or book and go on a trip of a lifetime.

To pick up the phone to that person you “keep meaning to” reconnect with.

All these things have been done, by people with no more than you – or much less.

Mid-September to December. It’s a more than a quarter of the way around the sun.

Let’s make it count.
Now I would love to hear from you – what ideas do you plan on actioning over the next 4 months?

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