Ah January, you were grand. The fresh first month when the earth still whisks around at the same pace 24 hr pace. But the days seem seem to slide by a little slower; as we wallow a little longer in the afterglow from Christmas – allowing the season to cast twinkly vibes across the calendar into the new year like the fairy lights still cheekily glittering-up my wall.

Then February 1 lands with a thud. And with it, the very real chance of what I call the “second month sads.” Feet slide a little sulky-like back under desks, laptops whirr into life and it can feel as if the year is already unfolded and laid out in front of us in a hotpotch patchwork of routines, frantic meetings, coffee, sleepy eyes, washing piles and office stresses.


the reality is, the best efforts of the most bullet-journalled-to-the-minute person can get thrown by the second month sads.

We try to stay motivated and hang on to the great intentions set on a beach, bellies pleasantly full of iced lattes and bods smelling all coconut sunscreeny. But the reality is, the best efforts of the most bullet-journalled-to-the-minute person can get thrown by the second month sads.

What to do.

Well, you know we love a “one thing” challenge here at Run Lift Style, so my February challenge to me, and you is to simply do one thing which will help you enter the second month (and keep it going beyond if you like) in style, with your sanity in tact.

That’s right, we’re not suggesting a morning routine checklist of the 20 ways successful people start their day.

Just making this your month to implement that one thing  you know will make all  o’ the difference to better days, and brighter vibes.  The thing that you just know will have a massive flow-on effect to so much of what you do for the rest of the day – all month long.

Here are some suggestions that may inspire you:

  • Write down one thing you want to achieve the night before. Just one.  Something that, if you  tick it off, you’ll go to bed saying  to yourself:  Yep, I did good, I got that thing done.
  • Take a lunch break, every day, even when you feel like you don’t have an errand to run, or it’s raining, or deadlines are bouncing and splattering all in your inbox like a spilt bag of M&Ms on the wooden floorboards (sad times).
  • Go to bed 1 hour earlier (my one thing) – this one has such a huge flow on effect, it deserves a blog piece of its own
  • Have one hour of screen free time per day (when you’re awake, ok)
  • Schedule an unmissable once-a-week, in-person coffee with someone who means the world to you.. That person who makes you inside smile when you see their name flick up on your phone screen.
  • Get outside, every week, stretch your tendons, breathe clear air, take your shoes off, feel the sand, earth or smoothness of a big ancient rock underfoot – and the fact you’re a human being, not a human doing.
  • 20-30 mins of exercise, every day (you knew it would be in here)
  • Call your Mum/ Aunt/ applicable most lovely and generous figurehead in your life
  • When your feet hit the ground after you get out of bed, say thank you for one thing in your life (Thanks Oprah for this one).
  • Aim to do one  small kind thing every day, for someone who wouldn’t expect it. And expect nothing back.

Whatever your February one thing it is, just try to do it for one day. Then the next day. And if you skip a day, start again. And watch the second month sads dilute day by day. Who knows it may just become second nature, setting you up for adding a fancy new One Thing in for a magical March.

This  One Thing could really become a Thing.

Now, I’d love to hear from you, what is one thing you are planning to try?

And with that, I’m off to bed. X

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