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Travelling through Europe, you can’t help but notice the confidence and swagger with which colour is worn.

Orange skinny pants paired with a green crested-pocket jacket and toning paisley cravat are perfect attire for lakeside lunching at Como. Dutch women don swishy designer floral dresses with sparking white Converse sneakers to speed alongside Amsterdam canals in rainbow-bright bikes…just to get bread and a coffee. And Barcelona, well, Barca is arguably the home of brights: witness  the Desigual phenomenon.

English speaking countries on the whole tend to be a little more sparse with colour. Pops are more likely to appear in heelage, bling or, well, bathers.

While many of us may have heard of the psychology of colour, did you know that the impact of colour on emotions has now been shown to assist in treating medical conditions? For example, orange has been used to evoke feelings of happiness in patients; helping to fight fatigue and strengthen organs such as the lungs. Looking at the colour blue has been shown to evoke feelings of calm and help slow the heart rate. Green can contribute to restoring a sense of balance and treating stress.

With the effects of colour being so great, doesn’t it make you think twice about reaching for the same tried and true black and muted palate day after day?

Having Dutch heritage myself and inspired by my European break a couple of months ago, I’ve decided to take on my own colour challenge. Starting with my activewear. My challenge to you? Try adding in at least one bright piece to your weekly active wardrobe rotation this month.

I’ve put together my top colour picks this week, based on four style types. And, bearing in mind it’s heading into summer in the southern hemisphere and winter in the north, I’ve chosen crops and leggings for this article* – pieces which work in pretty much all seasons with appropriate layering. Enjoy! (*please note, this is not a sponsored post, I put it together for the love of colour, but does provide some strong hints for my loved ones for Christmas. )

1. You are: a block brights kind of girl

You’ll love:

Adidas Stella McCartney sports bra














Paired with these two-tone leggings














2. You are: feminine, but contemporary and chic

You’ll love:

Seafolly ocean rose brallette (and matching shorts)

















Seafolly ocean rose leggings (and brallette) with a black base





















3. You are: drawn to nordic, clean styles and muted colours.

You’ll love:

Free people intuition leggings in grey






















4. You are: a lover of summer, the ocean, bright colours, and a step ahead on your colour confidence journey

You’ll love:

The Stussy holographic legging




















I’d love you to join me, be brave and brighten up your gym, or group training class while pepping up the vibe of your own day – be the flamingo in the flock of black leggings! And stay subscribed for more colour edits.




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