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Welcome – to a happy space (brilliant move giving us a click).

As a writer, marketing professional and journalist, I have curated this space for the everyday warrior woman, working to live life to the full – whether in the home, lecture theatre or boardroom – who also aspires to be thoughtful, kind and who cares about the world around her.

For fitness lovers or those having a their best crack at being healthier – who know that being fit is about feeling awesome in your skin and being better at life, not a second full time job that should be all-consuming.

For those who love to feel stylish and display their personality at its best through the art that is fashion – but want to feel comfortable, rather than squashed into clothes that make them feel lesser-than.

For singles and marrieds, sisters and Mums, Aunts and Glam-mas (the New Grans). And for inspiring outdoor adventure and travel – twin passions of mine that I truly believe can help change the way you see yourself, your life and the world around you.

My goal is to make this space your shot of coffee in the morning, your ice cold soda with fresh lime in the afternoon, and your warm almond milk before bed. A spot for a burst of reinvigoration, renewal and fresh ideas to think about and try via positive articles on fitness, style, adventures and life.

And a hub for like-minded ladies who want to make their patch of the earth a little better through creativity, contribution, community and collaboration.

If you want to connect with me, contribute an article or collaborate, I’d love to hear from you. You can email me at sarah@runliftstyle.com or connect with me on instagram or Facebook.

For now, grab that coffee and enjoy – and please do make my day and subscribe via the sidebar on this page to join our community.

Sarah Caddick – Editor

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